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*note: if you are scoring for Words With Friends, be sure to select “Words With Friends” as your language in the drop-down menu above

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 Bingo: 50 point bonus for words using all 7 tiles


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182 thoughts on “Kate Spanos – Scrabble Score Calculator

  1. yes. i would. this does not account for words longer then 7 letters that go over multiple tripple/double word score and or tripple/double letter score

  2. It’s really great, but it’d be nice if you could give more than one double/triple letter score per word (since you can get that)

  3. Very cool calculator. How about the adding the ability to zero out a letter’s point value, as if using a blank scrabble tile?

  4. Heheh I love this program!! Helped me calculate and point out on an argument that the name of the opposite team had a lower value point, therefore my team was way more awesome.

  5. Re: “Rate this tool!”

    please dont call me a tool. 😀

    (but a very useful gadget 5* – assuming a scale of 1(bad)-5(good))

  6. @Ian The blue ‘x2’ and ‘x3’ buttons under each letter tile should apply the appropriate letter bonus. The bonus is added in the calculation below the tiles. Is there another type of letter bonus that I’m missing?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. @Samantha: Great idea! I definitely want to start creating mobile versions of this for iPhone, Android, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. I got two double word scores in the same word and tried to figure out the score. The word is classier. The C and the E were on double word scores

  9. @bev This calculator calculates the score of a word as it is typed, not the other way around. It would be difficult to give a list of all the words that have scores of 36, 54 or 108, especially given all the double/triple options that are possible. I hope this answers your question!

  10. Would it be possible for you to add a dictionary function to this app? So that you could see whether a word was valid and the potential point value.

  11. @[email protected] At one time there was a dictionary function but I removed it because it wasn’t very stable. I agree that it would definitely be a helpful feature. I’ll take a look at it again and see if I can make it work better than it did before. Thanks for the feedback; stay tuned!

  12. @[email protected] You’ll be happy to know that I’ve added a dictionary check to the calculator! If you click the ‘Validate [word]’ button right underneath the ‘Reset’ button, your word will be checked against Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. A Words With Friends fan website has linked to my Scrabble Calculator as one of its resources, along with 2-letter and 3-letter word lists. The site also hosts tournaments for the popular iPhone/iPad application based on Scrabble. Remember, if you are playing Words With Friends, make sure to select ‘Words With Friends’ as your language for the appropriate letter scoring distributions.

  14. On Words with Friends, using all 7 tiles only nets you a 35-point bonus, not a 50-pointer. There should be a way to have a WWF bonus.

  15. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. If you have Words with Friends selected as your “language,” it should give you a 35 point bonus. I did notice a bug that when the page first loads with WWF as the language, then it says it’s a 50 point bonus, but as soon as you start to enter your word it should say 35 point bonus and add the appropriate 35 points. I’ve fixed that display error, but the functionality should be the same.

    Please let me know if you’re still having issues!

  16. How do you score when a word covers a pink premium square (the star) and also a red premium square? For example at the beginning of the game the word healings covers the double and red premium word squares and is also a 50 point work

  17. Hi Marcia!

    Thanks for your feedback. This is something that I noticed a while ago, but hadn’t fixed yet. The calculator was originally written with Scrabblegrams in mind, in which you would never have both a double and a triple word score at the same time. Therefore, I made the calculator so that you could only have one or the other. However, I later realized that the actual Scrabble game DOES allow for double and triple word scores at the same time.

    I have now fixed this. Please let me know if you have any problems with it. And thanks again for your feedback! Enjoy.

  18. Say, since you’re supporting WWF on your calculator, you might want to add a Quadruple word score. There are four opportunities on that board to achieve that in less than 8 letters.


  19. Thanks Allen! You could calculate a quadruple word score by applying two double word scores. Just check the double word score box, and enter 2 into the text box. That should give the correct result, unless I don’t understand your suggestion. I hope that helps! Thanks again for the feedback.

  20. Hey Kate.
    Just to say a big thanks for the use of your calculator! Have been thinking of a sentance to spell out to my girlfriend that also adds up to the amount of months we’ve been together. Would have been a nightmare adding them up to get the right amount without your handy tool!
    Cheers! Sim

  21. My son has been using big words in our conversations for a while now. Just out of curiosity, I wondered what these big words were worth on Scrabble and stumbled onto your site (which I LOVE, BTW). He’s been using Difficult, Delicious, Delicate, Assistance, Beautiful, Vegetables, Herbs, and Curious just to name a few. My son celebrated his third birthday only two days ago.

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