Samba Jig Productions

I’m excited to announce that I am co-founding a small business called Samba Jig Productions with partner Pablo de Oliveira! The company will offer music/dance related mobile apps and will do event bookings and promotion in the Washington, DC metro area.

Our first app, called SambApp, is currently in development and will be available soon. SambApp is a Brazilian rhythms metronome that include samba, choro, forró, and capoeira rhythms in a variety of percussion instruments, including pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine), shaker, triangle, and berimbau (the stringed bow instrument used in capoeira). You choose the tempo and rhythm to use the app as a music or dance practice tool.

The event production side of the Samba Jig Productions business will focus on a variety of music and dance forms and intercultural collaborations, focusing especially on Brazilian and Irish genres (given the performance backgrounds of SJP’s co-founders). We work with a variety of signature artists and we are always looking to connect with more local talent.

Eventually we foresee offering workshops that combine technology with arts and performance in order to promote team-building and community integration.

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